JEA belongs to the people of Jacksonville and the people of Jacksonville should have the final say on what happens.
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Mayor Curry and his buddies are trying to sell JEA behind your back. He has already been caught giving misleading statements to the media about the sale. Executives have already been promised a golden parachute after the sale.
We believe that before JEA is sold, the shareholders of JEA, the people of Jacksonville, deserve to speak with their vote.
So either by Referendum or Straw Ballot the people of Jacksonville deserve their say.
We stand with members of both parties when we say this needs to go to a vote. Tell Mayor Curry not to sell our future.
Selling JEA could lead to:
  • Higher rates
  • Lost jobs
  • Longer reconnection time during an emergency
  • Mandatory high sewer and water connection fees in NW Jacksonville
That is why the people of Jacksonville need their vote.
Get Involved
Call Mayor Curry at 904-630-1776 and let him know not to sell JEA without your approval.